Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dont Worry... Be Happy!!!

Waiting, waiting and waiting for a miracle (or at least a deserved result) to happen. But alas, so far not at all so good! Everyday there is an untiring attempt to pass my time in absolutely non-sensical works. Suggestions, never mind where they are coming from, are an impeccable source of irritation to me. Moral boosters are Borrrrring!!

Right at this moment calls another fellow wanderer with an invitation to attend a Movie session at his Theque... Could not refuse it.. A Beautiful Mind ....Belonging to couple of more beautiful people soothes me for the time being.. But all the complexities and tensions and other disturbances-without-names faded away when I heard these very popular lines of Bob Marley... May be necessity is the mother of Invention and the Step Mother to all my chaos in life!!!

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asmita said...

Hail Bob Marley! :D